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Landing pages at VT Home Design Page are our signature in trade – this is where your first impression captures interest. It’s critical to make your brand or specific offering shine. Spark interest and generate leads with highlights and engage direct attention of your audience here.

Vermont crafted, designed and optimized for best results, our development services and professional digital marketing establish a basis for your business to interact with customers and generate brand awareness.

WordPress Service

WordPress maintenance is part of our service – we’ll keep your site up to date, looking and working great, safe and secure on an ongoing basis.

VT Home Design will develop your site to enhance user experience, to provide intuitive user interface via search-ability and high quality look and feel suitable to your industry. Our art direction, tech support and project management will enhance your site for user accessibility and functionality.

As an experienced boutique agency, our services extend way beyond tactical web design, SEO, and baseline development. We can execute anything that is customer-facing, from logo development, incorporating fantastic photography, creating video animations, YouTube video services and strategizing your social media campaign, to managing the entire development plan.

Organic SEO 

Performance driven strategy drives website traffic, generates leads and increases revenue with SEO. VT Home Design offers optimized configuration. Combined with relevant linked content, we use organic SEO optimization to bring more traffic driven to your website.

Organic SEO will validate your brand and improve conversions with high-quality content. Engage your target audience with relevant details about your business and local information. Social medial built into your interface connects your website home page to relevant social pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more.

To improve your brand awareness with consistent imagery, logos and linked connections to further improve conversions. Engage your target audience with high-quality organic content in blogs, findable business contact information.

Mobile Ready

 Mobile-Friendly, responsive layouts are no longer optional, it is necessary to engage with your customers.

Most people engage with websites and social media via portable devices. Make sure they can navigate to your site with current development standards. Don’t miss out on potential customers – our intuitive user interface development at VT Home Design adapt seamlessly to any device, screen size or window, ensuring your website is easily accessible and user-friendly, regardless of how visitors choose to interact with it.

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